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Major Parkinson - 'Favourite Albums from 2014'

We feel hugely privileged that Major Parkinson, the outstanding Norwegian band that somehow combine pop, rock, progressive, punk and even cabaret influences (and produced the huge ‘symphonic masterpiece’ that is Twilight Cinema at the beginning of 2014), have contributed their favourite 5 albums of 2014 to our little website.

Even better, they’ve dedicated some of their valuable time to writing up some reasons why.

Reading recently an interview with them, its clear that Major Parkinson have been influenced themselves by some of the most amazing bands – for example the Pixies and of course the ‘Greatest Band of all Time’. So we should all take note of what they’ve been listening to, and scurry away and listen for ourselves.

And if you haven’t come across them before, please take a listen and a peek at the brilliant ‘Heart of Hickory’ from their album ‘Songs from a Solitary Home’, it’s a great introduction to the world of Major Parkinson.

Anyway, heres Major Parkinsons Favourite 5 Albums of 2014 (in no particular order and with commentary from Major Parkinsons Jon Ivar and Lars).


Swans - To be Kind

'This album is so dark and hypnotic. There is almost something Edward Ka-Spel/David Lynch about it, haunting and sexy at the same time. Listen to the laughter on «Just a Little Boy» and you will catch the drift. A grower.'

Kishi Bashi - Lighght

'Ethereal, dreamy and hauntingly beautiful pop music. An album filled to the brim with inspired melodies and soundscapes, heavenly vocal harmonies and playful violins'

Ergo Phizmiz - The Peacock

'Wow! This album makes music sound easy. It feels like the band is making songs as they are playing. So much interesting stuff here. Indie without being "Indie". Love it!!!'

Mastodon - Once More ‘Round the Sun

'A very welcome return to form from what is arguably the most influential progressive metal band of our time. Proving that mainstream success and musical brilliance can and should go hand in hand.'

Aphex Twin - Syro

'Not one of mr. James’ most influential or groundbreaking albums. But it’s still unmistakably Aphex Twin, and nobody does it better. Included on the list because it was such a relief to finally get some new music from the man.'


A huge thank you to Major Parkinson, and in particular Lars for helping pull that together. Tomorrow we'll be bringing you the Nordic Music Reviews Favourite albums of 2014, and of course, theres a very good possibility that Major Parkinson might be featured again...

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