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New Bands of the Day - 'Cannibal Zoo', 'Solid Folk'

More details on 2 of this weeks New Bands of the Day, as first revealed on twitter @nordicmusicview

I’ve been listening to Cannibal Zoo (our new Band of the Day no 26), for a while, and I admit it has taken me a while to adjust to the unique vocals of this Danish band, along with their laid back tempo. But the more I listen, the more I’ve grown to enjoy the sound, and I’d classify them alongside bands such as Lambchop for individuality. Their most recent EP Sunset is a good example, and this is definitely the type of band which could get more widespread radio play and their songs will grow on you. They’re definitely worth giving a try, or maybe 2 or 3 trys, and we’ll look forward to hearing about future releases.

We’ve loved discovering Finnish bands we were unfamiliar with, so it was great to fall upon Solid Folk (new band no 27) on Bandcamp, originally a duo, but now a four piece band from Oulu, where a couple of bands we’ve featured have come from (such as Neondad). Their music is based on folk roots, but it clearly has alternative / indie pop and rock influences too. On the 31st December they released a mini-album of 7 tracks called ‘The First Wall of Water’, and its well worth exploring. I like the track ‘Pheonix, and I probably have a lot more I can discover on the album.

We’ll have more details on our other 2 New Bands of the Day from the last week tomorrow.

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