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Ghost of Belle Starr - 'Ghost of Belle Starr' EP

Whilst the Nordic Music Review ‘collective’ of reviewers, advisors and hangers on all have a huge appreciation, obviously, of Nordic Music, its rare that we all agree on the merits of a new band. That is until Danish band ‘Ghost of Belle Starr’ appeared with their new EP, which was released just yesterday.

We gave the ‘Ghost of Belle Starr’ a short write up not so long back as one of our ‘New Bands of the Day’, as we liked their single ‘Pink Guillotine’ and this is the track that opens a 4 song EP, the strength of which simply lies in the quality of all 4 tracks. As a band they have a big laid back sound, natural and confident, with convincing vocals. Their own website claimed Arcade Fire influences, which I didn’t necessarily hear myself, but the ‘Collective’ all heard it without being prompted.

Having already heard ‘Pink Guillotine, my new favourite track is ‘Sun in my Eyes’, which is just so well put together, and has this great build up to a fabulous chorus. I love the lyrics too, nothing too clever, but they seem to fit the songs so well - ‘you should ask yourself twice, if it’s really that wise, to be leading us on in this way… ‘ before launching into the big upbeat chorus.

‘Some Nights are Free in Himmerland’ is even more laid back, with a lovely melody and a slightly melancholy feel whilst the EP concludes with ‘Inertia in C Major’, a track seemingly about always waiting for and wanting more - ‘its slightly depressing to see all of my so called friends grow up to be presidents and kings’.

With good tunes, an individual sound and a great name, ‘Ghost of Belle Starr’ have made a huge impression with this EP, and we highly recommend it. Go listen.

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