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New Artists of the Day - Roan, Nick Sway

Its been way too long (ok maybe a week or so…) since we’ve featured a talented new Finnish Indie Pop artist, so we were delighted to be nudged in the direction of Roan (New Artist of the Day no 30) from the city of Vantaa. His EP ‘Sunday Boy’ is glorious simple indie pop at his best, timeless, catchy and upbeat, and it reminds me of pop bands like Allo Darlin’, and maybe even a nod in the direction of Belle and Sebastian too. He heads back into the studio next month to record a new single, which he hopes will be released shortly after. We look forward to hearing it.

Danish born Nick Sway is our New Artist of the Day (no 29), and he’s just 17 years of age. Nick I guess caught our attention as whilst he was born in Denmark, he lived in Birmingham from an early age, and his apparently effortlessly easy pop song ‘Out of Sight’ had a fair amount of airplay in Denmark. He’s currently working on a new EP. Check out the video below:

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