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A Special Radio Announcement

We're delighted to have been asked to select a 2 hour Playlist (about 20 songs) of Nordic only Music for a show this week. The UK based Walker & Williams show will be featuring our selections this coming Thursday (5th February) between 9-11pm GMT. We've chosen a lot of material that we've reviewed in our brief 2 months existence, as that seemed the right thing to do, as well as lots of other stuff too.

You can listen here:

It would be fantastic if we could get a few listeners, and even more amazing if you could contribute to the show by Twitter or something. If anyone does contribute we will be forever grateful, and award you an 'honorary' status of some kind... it would make our day if a reader from Finland, for example, managed to listen for a while.

Anyway apologies for being a bit quiet the last few days, we promise more reviews (Albums, EPs and Live stuff) and new band discoveries are on their way!!

In the meantime if you have any feedback about our little Blog, please drop us a message, we're getting way more Views than ever expected, and lots of returning readers too, so we'd love to hear from you!

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