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New Artist - 'Klasu'

Theres been so much good new music coming out of Finland recently, and Klasu is a particularly special find. The singer songwriter also plays guitar with one of Nordic Music Reviews favourite ever bands, Koria Kitten Riot. He’s released a really good single in the last couple of weeks called ‘Hei Onneton’, which we really love, it has a simple infectious opening, and the song just builds and builds until a big anthem just before the end, and then finishes just as it starts.

The videos great too, and its here….

Klasu has a few gigs coming up, including Bar Loose in Helsinki this Friday (20th), and then it all leads towards an Album release on the 27th March, which will be released through Drink Tonight Records. The songs are sung in the Finnish language, which is fine by us, as that’s how it should be, and judging by what we’ve seen so far, the music is beautifully written – simple themes, wistful and slightly melancholy.

We also found this lovely song recorded with a string quartet.

We will be trying to get our hands on the album as soon as its released, so that we can tell you about it, in the meantime 'Hei Onneton' can be purchased on Itunes for just 79p in UK money!

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