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New Band - 'Nouvelle'

I think it must be ‘Noise Pop’ week here at Nordic Music Review. I’d be quite happy if it was every week, to be honest, but after our feature / reviews on the excellent NEOV and Mumrunner, we switch our attention to Norwegian band Nouvelle. They are new to an extent, in a previous incarnation they were known as Arms and the Woman. Not having heard the original line-up i cant comment on the difference between the two, but I instantly liked the 2nd of the 2 singles they’ve released, which is called ‘Come Around’. Its based around a fairly simply melodic vocal theme from singer Linda Wik, starts slowly but then grows and builds with guitars layered on and it ends up in a big blazing pop noise. Exactly how it should be.

The video is really quirky and interesting and you can watch it here. It was filmed in Budapest by Adam Breier, and once again shows that you don’t need a huge budget to make an excellent coherent video based around a short story – Breier has done a really good job.

Anyway, the 2015 plans for Nouvelle involve a video for their other single ‘Identity’, which is pretty good too (although I think ‘Come Around’ is the stronger of the 2 songs), release 2 more singles and then concentrate on an album release. I really like bands that sound like this, and I look forward to their next releases.

Anyway check out the Soundcloud link, and find out what theyre up to on Facebook if you like the video…

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