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As you probably know by now, we spend many a happy hour at Nordic Music Review scanning the far reaches of the internet for new Nordic artists and bands that either haven’t yet had the recognition they deserve or new bands about to launch themselves on an unsuspecting world.

So we were particularly delighted to stumble across a newish Finnish band by the name of UUMA, and even more delighted to have linked up with them to allow you all to be amongst the first to see their debut single and video which was launched today (Wednesday).

The Helsinki based band was formed in the summer of 2013, and as always the music writing, production and recording process takes time, but their first single ‘Let Nobody Know’ is now with us. It’s a very strong debut song, delicate acoustic guitars and shimmering vocals from Sini Hyytiainen. It certainly has a distinct Nordic feel to it, but its fresh sounding and upbeat, and i believe it could have widespread European and UK appeal, particularly given the popularity of Scandanavian acts in the UK right now. From what i’ve heard so far, I think the strength of UUMA will simply be in their well written songs, effortless easy listening acoustic guitars and beautiful melodies. Theyre well worth keeping a very close eye on.

Anyway the debut single ’Let Nobody Know' is out, and it has an excellent video which you can watch right now:

UUMAs debut album will be released in the Spring (which is not far away really), and they will be out doing some live dates really soon. We know we have a good number of Finnish readers who follow us here, so we will let you know when those are. In the meantime we’re delighted to have introduced you all to UUMA, and you can find out more about them here:

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