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Ane Brun, Aurora and Siv Jakobsen

We dont do much on individual single releases and videos, but 3 from Norwegian artists have caught our eye.

Firstly Ane Brun has released a new single and video called 'Directions'. It’s the 1st song from a new album which will be released later this year, and here it is below. As interesting from a UK perspective is that Ane has announced 3 dates in the UK in December (London, Manchester and Glasgow), which is great news.

Secondly Aurora has released a new video for her track ‘Runaway’. The young singer is getting significant attention across the world right now, and after a successful UK date recently, the good news is that she will be back in the UK for the excellent Great Escape festival in Brighton in May.

Finally, since we featured Siv Jakobsen early in January, shes been getting some well deserved rave reviews, and it was great to hear her single ‘How we Used to Love’ on Radio 6 recently (not too long after we got it played on the Walker and Williams radio show of course…). Anyway here’s an amazing live acoustic performance she did for Emergent Sounds. We’ve also been listening to her new single ‘Dark’, which is great, and you can here it here:

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