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New Band - 'Astronaut'

We’ve featured a couple of new artists from Aarhus, Denmark in Nordic Music Review, and we can add Astronaut to the list of bands with a great sound from that town. They played their debut gig less than 2 years ago in April 2013, and since then have played a steady stream of gigs mainly in Aarhus as their following has grown. Some media recognition followed in early 2014, but it wasn’t until the end of the year that they were able to release their debut EP ‘Cloud of Ink’.

Its rare that a debut EP has such a good level of consistency, with well written songs, great tunes and vocals and a polished professional sound, but that’s exactly what Astronaut have achieved. I guess the added attraction of us featuring them is that they do have a sound which appears influenced by some great UK bands.

‘Electric Chair’ the opening track has a slightly retro feel, a great bass lane and pretty fabulous melody, its catchy and pretty easy to like, whilst ‘Imaginary Friend’ has a video to go with it, which we’ve added below. However its the apparently Bowie influenced title track ‘Cloud of Ink’ which is the highlight of the EP, with a pretty fantastic opening, great lyrics and an infectious chorus.

Anyway future plans for Astronaut look bright, they’re on the line-up for the excellent Spot Festival for May 2015 and the Skive Festival in the summer, and with their excellent song writing and sound, we’re expecting to a hear a lot more of them. We look forward to hearing about future EP or even Album releases.

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