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5 to Watch from Sweden - No1 'The LaDiDas'

So the 1st of the 'Nordic Music Review 5 to Watch from Sweden' are the LaDiDas (previously known as ‘the Cat Killers’, I think the name change was a good idea) from Gothenburg (although with Swedish and UK band members), and whilst we often seem to come across bands that haven’t yet received much attention at all, these guys certainly are hot property right now. In fact theyre not really new, but we felt that most UK listeners will yet to have come across them. With some great write ups, a commercial ad on the horizon and radio airplay, its easy to see why theyre getting so much attention.

Take a look for yourself at their recent video ‘I Want It’.

Describing themselves as ‘Alice in Wonderland punk’, the LaDiDas have a high tempo and high energy to them which I’d expect allow them to deliver great live performances. They did play a few venues in London including Dublin Castle and Hope and Anchor as the Cat Killers a few years back. Now as the LaDiDas they have an album out which you can get as a digital download, and when they come back to the UK next time, we'll make sure we tell you about it.


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