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5 to Watch from Norway - No 1 'The Dandelion Deadbeats'

I frequently find notes that I’ve written to myself with details of a good new band I’ve come across. And The Dandelion Deadbeats keep on appearing on these notes, so I thought it appropriate to list them as the 1st of our ‘5 to Watch from Norway’. Not only were they kind enough to follow us on Twitter some time back, but we spotted them when they won the ‘Bandwagon Norge’ competition, the final of which also saw one of our other favourite new bands ‘Kalandra’. Then when we came across their new video, it was time to give them more of a mention.

The Dandelion Deadbeats are from Bergen and have, if I can use the phrase, a very UK Indie sound. They remind me of the Bombay Bicycle Club in particular, and they also cite similarities with bands such as the Vaccines. They describe themselves as ‘polite punk’. Slightly quirky, guitar based, they write great tunes and are generally good fun to listen to, and this is demonstrated well in their debut video called ‘The Ballad of Dan the Lion’, which is just out.

They’ll be following that up with the release of their debut album (also called ‘The Ballad of Dan the Lion’) on the 24th April, which we’re looking forward to listening to, although just to apologise in advance, we might miss out or be delayed in reviewing it as it clashes with post Easter vacations.

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