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5 to Watch from Norway - No 3 'Fay Wildhagen'

Out of all our ‘5 to Watch from Norway’, Fay Wildhagen is probably the most ‘tipped’ already back in her own country. Her music is instantly captivating, incredibly delicate, and beautifully written. At times its unusual too, and disappears in slightly different directions musically.

Fay Wildhagen has just one formal single to date, ‘We Are’, which you can find on streaming services, and an album is due to follow before not too long. In the meantime she already has a number of festival appearances booked in Norway over the summer, including Roskilde Festval, demonstrating how her reputation has grown over the last year or so.

I particularly love the way she uses her band to back up her vocals, interesting use of string and occasional brass instruments to support her vocal talents. Anyway we;re delighted to give her some attention in the UK and have no doubt we’ll be writing more about her over the next few months.

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