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5 To Watch from Norway - No 5 'Broen'

Regular readers will know that we love bands at Nordic Music Review that take influences from different styles and genres of music, and our 5th band in ‘5 To Watch from Norway’ are a great example of a band who brilliantly combine a whole variety of musical styles to create something unique. So we’re delighted to introduce Broen to UK music lovers, as I think they will be received really well over here.

Combining Norwegian and Greek band members, Broen create an inspired blend of music, and I've only had chance to listen to few of their tracks from their album ‘Yoga’, but its been absolutely compelling. I am genuinely excited about this bands material.

Here’s the video from their first single 'Iris', which was released at the end of last year.

Broen are already building a reputation as a great live act, and have a series of good live appearances on the horizon – this includes joining Fay Wildhagen at the Roskilde festival. Unfortunately ‘Yoga’ is yet to be released in the UK, but we’ll update you when it is. In the meantime you can get some familiarity with their music on Soundcloud, and check out their Facebook page.

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