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We covered a number of new Swedish artists / bands 2 weeks ago at Nordic Music Review, and we hope to be able to write far more about them all over the next couple of years, as they release more material. At the time we considered including Valsaland, but they somehow felt different, somehow worthy of some extra thought and consideration. So we’re delighted to write a few words about them now, whilst we have a bit more time and as we wind down before our vacation.

Valsaland is a Video / Music project which utilises the skills of a wide range of musicians as well as those involved in the film work. They have 4 songs out right now, with stunning videos to go alongside them. We’ve linked just 2 of them here, if you like what you see please take the time to visit Valsaland and subscribe to their YouTube page or go on Facebook or something.

The first track we’ve picked is ‘Leka’, it has a subtle enough opening, before it launches into a post rock theme, with brass layered on top and atmospheric slightly eerie childlike vocals. But it’s the brilliant video, filmed in Stockholm, that goes alongside it that makes this such an interesting piece, as quite genuinely I feel that the two were made in conjunction, rather than the music video being an afterthought. And as much as I like listening to this track in the car, I feel I’m missing out on something when I do, the video is so integral. Anyway you get the point i'm sure, and you can simply watch for yourself and make your own mind up…

The 2nd is my personal favourite from a video perspective, its called ‘Lilla Vän Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn’. It depicts from sunrise to sunset a busy city, and within the anonymity of the daily commute highlights individuals, apparently lost in their own minds as world races past them. I believe the literal translation is ‘Little Friend, I want to live in a Caravan’, which I really like. The influences to Valsaland seem varied, from post rock to modern classical music and choral works, and the vast array of instruments and vocals used are a demonstration of those influences.

Anyway future plans for Valsaland involve an Autumn album called "Fängelset"and various other releases, and they even have a slot at the Italian Skepto International Film Festival coming up. I find the whole project has a striking originality to it, as well as genuinely liking the music in its own terms, which fit in with the style of music that I like.

We’ll definitely be doing more on Valsaland before the album release, and in the meantime please check them out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter if you like what you see and hear.

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