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Kastrup - 'Thieves' single AND VIDEO release (updated)

We try not to forget about some of the New Bands / Artists we’ve featured in our first few months at Nordic Music Review, and keep you updated on when they’re up to. In the case of Kastrup, this is a real pleasure, because we like them so much. The Swedish Alternative Pop band released ‘Lydia’ at the of last year, and have now followed this up with their 2nd single ‘Thieves’.

‘Thieves’ has a big pop sound, powerful and slightly dramatic with that same melancholy edge we heard from Kastrup in ‘Lydia’, it also appears to have an influence right back to the 80s. The huge sweeping melodies build to the final chorus, which is just massive, and the song is eminently radio playlist friendly. Its already just been premiered on Swedish radio, and we hope it gets the attention that it deserves.

We now have a video to go with the song and we're delighted to share it with you here:

To find the track you can go to:

Even better, ive just checked and you can definitely buy it on Itunes.

For more info on Kastrup please follow them on Facebook at

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