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23:23 - Album Trilogy Release

Regular readers of Nordic Music Review will be aware that I take on average about 5 listens to an album before I manage to write about it. This is fine for most releases, but when a triple album gets launched, you’re all going to be waiting for a while before you get a review.

So just a few words in advance on the Album Trilogy release courtesy of 23:23, which is the name given to the extra curricula activities of Rami Vierula from the Delay Trees. Ramis been busy over the last couple of years writing a stream of new music, and its all been released together, which provides a whole wealth of interesting, new and diverse music to get our teeth into.

I’ve had a quick listen already and really like what I hear, its low-fi dreamy psychedelic pop, and with 3 albums I look forward to immersing myself on many long car journeys getting to know the various releases. Each album appears to have an identity of its own, and certainly reading Ramis notes, they were written from a variety of locations in different stages of his life. The albums are 'Softest Wave', 'Torero' and 'Drifter'.

Anyway, they’re all available on a digital release through Soliti from tomorrow May 8th,so feel free to discover, explore and tell us what you think.

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