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New Band Update - Delorian and Jaguar Shoes videos

We started Nordic Music Review with a ‘New Band of the Day’ feature to get ourselves up to date with some of the latest sounds and noises from some up and coming new Nordic Bands. Jaguar Shoes were one of the 1st bands we featured I think, and Delorian came a bit later – after Christmas sometime.

Delorian released their 1st single ‘Hide and Seek’ last year, but it was their 2nd single ‘Talks’ which appealed to us, they have a big Indie Pop sound, and in particular we liked a live version of the song they did (if I remember correctly).

Anyway they have an EP out called ‘EP1’, which we ran out of time to review before our holiday, and one of the songs from that is ‘Waxwing, which they’ve just released a video to, and you can see it here:

Jaguar Shoes, if you remember are an alternative rock band based in Skåne, the south of Sweden. I really liked the single we featured called ‘Rewind’, and this is a follow up – its called ‘Thank you Goodnight’.

The band are now taking a break from live gigs to focus on writing and recording their album, due out later in 2015.

Find out more details about them at:

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