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News - 'Valsaland' video award

We did a feature at Nordic Music Review on Valsaland, the Swedish Post Rock and Film project a couple of weeks ago, before our vacation, and we’re determined to keep up to date with whats happening with them given we love their music and videos so much.

Anyway we’re delighted to be able to confirm that one of their videos ‘Leka’ has just won the Best Music Video Award at the Plum Tuckered Film Festival 2015. Huge congratulations to them. Here’s ‘Leka’ below:

This news follows their Special Mention Best Video Clip / Musical category prize at the Italian Skepto International Film Festival 2015 for ‘Fåån, which was announced whilst we were on holiday.

Don’t forget that Valsaland have plans for an Album release in the Autumn, and you can watch more of their videos, and find out more about them here:

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