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Circumnavigate - new single and video

As our regular Nordic Music Review readers will know, we love music that brings together different influences and genres of music, and then throws out something which is original and fresh sounding. We’re delighted therefore to write a few words about Circumnavigate, originally a Norwegian trio but now based in London with a couple of British musicians added. I’d probably describe them as a Folk Pop band at heart, but with a jazz influence. They also utilise classical string arrangements very effectively, and the end product is really charming, easy to listen to songs, with vocals that switch between slightly dreamy folk and a more powerful intense sound.

Their most recent release ‘Lifelines’ opens with laid back piano, trumpet, vocals and the subtlest of strings, but then opens up into an grand epic track with the strings building in crescendo to the end. Its easy to see how they cite influences such as Sigur Ros and how they’ve already received not just radio airplay, but also interest in their arrangements from the film industry.

Have a watch of their recent video to single 'Lifelines':

With a strong line-up of classically trained musicians, I’m pretty sure that Circumnavigate will be producing some exciting material over the next few months and years. Hopefully they can maintain that distinct sound, and that slightly offbeat edge they have to their music. We’ll try and keep you updated on how they’re getting on with their forthcoming album release.

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