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Hide - new Video!

A couple of months back we did a feature in Nordic Music Review on Hide, a band from the north of Norway who had a really interesting Post Rock sound - it's a genre of music that I love, but I really liked the Nordic / Norwegian folk influence that came through in the vocals too.

Anyway they have an Album out in June called 'Light up the Sky' which we're really looking forward to, and we're delighted that they have a brand new song and video out this evening called 'An Ocean in Between'. I particularly like the fact that it's not quite what I expecting, a track constructed entirely around acoustic guitar and strings that opens with a fairly simple and delicate tune, but builds in intensity through the track. 'An Ocean in Between' is a powerful song, and with the excellent'Northern Skyline' single already released, it's all looking very promising for their album release.

The video itself was shot in Chicago by a production company over there called Starlingfield, it's a simple moving theme and it's really well done, well worth watching below:

Anyway we'll obviously return to Hide in June when the Album comes out, assuming that we like it of course! And if you didnt catch their previous release 'Northern Skyline' when we featured it in March, we've dug it out here, i still love this video:

Go visit Hide and find out their latest plans at:

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