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In Short: The Dandelion Deadbeats - The Ballad of Dan the Lion

We featured Norwegian band The Dandelion Deadbeats as one of our ‘5 Norwegian Bands / Artists to Watch’ a couple of months back. They released their album whilst we were on vacation, so we didn’t have chance to review it in detail then, but we’re gradually catching up with our backlog and have been taking a listen.

The albums called ‘The Ballad of Dan the Lion’ and its an upbeat, slightly riotous, blast through 9 songs of ‘polite punk’. Its crammed full of good little tunes, all at a great pace and whilst not without its flaws, it’s a great fun album, which you should find yourself tapping your feet along to.

Highlights are the opening track ‘Along the Ferret Tongue’, the pre album single ‘The Ballad of Dan the Lion’ (we’ve linked in the video below) and a slightly less high tempo track called ‘Racoon Eyes’. From what we’ve seen online, The Dandelion Deadbeats have got themselves a reputation for being good live, so try and catch them if they play near you, and take a listen to the album if you get chance.

Nordic Music Review 7/10

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