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Party at the Pharmacy - EP

We featured Norwegian band Party at the Pharmacy a while back because we loved their debut single ‘Violet Coloured Sunset’, so its finally good to be able to catch up with their self titled debut EP released last month.

I guess when a band debuts with such an interesting likeable song, the danger is that we compare everything they subsequently release against that. And the style of the opening song from this EP is slightly different to what we were expecting, its called ‘Did you Change your Mind’. It has a definite Arctic Monkeys feel to it, not that we mind that at all, and anyway it’s simply a well written song with a good tune.

‘Another Round’ is probably more in line with what I was expecting, I love the laid back vocals and the great bass line . After ‘Violet Coloured Sunset’, which remains a brilliant song (check it out below if you missed it first time round), the EP concludes with ‘Show you the Ropes’, a higher tempo track led by driving guitars.

Although they more openly show their influences in this EP release, Party at the Pharmacy retain their own character with the distinctive vocals, and they always feel like a ‘complete’ band. Their songs are strong, and whilst ‘Violet Coloured Sunset’ is still the best song on the EP, I really like this band, who I think have got a lot more potential to stamp a distinct influence on the Indie Rock scene.

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