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New Artist Feature - Patrik Wennberg

We often get Press Releases through at Nordic Music Review about new and established artists telling us why we should like them, how amazing other music websites think they are already and whom they sound like. The publicity machine approach often seems so impersonal, and it was great to come across Swedish songwriter Patrik Wennberg this week, who writes really passionately but also quite simply on his website about why he loves writing music, and why he’s doing so at this point in his life.

His forthcoming debut album is called ‘All my Friends are Superheroes’ and its based on his very personal experience of being a person who never stood out in a crowd, with little self confidence, and after becoming almost a ‘shadow’ of himself over time. But similar to many musicians Patrik has found that its through his songwriting that he’s able to express his thoughts and ideas, and the concept of ‘All my Friends are Superheroes’ is now the creative force for all of his musical compositions – a mantra that he seems to carry around with him.

And the early indications are that this songwriting is pretty impressive, its guitar based Indie Pop, with a laid back feel, great melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Check out the video below to ‘Education’, which compliments the track really well. ‘The Meaning of Now’ is also available to listen to through his website and on Soundcloud, its slightly more melancholy, but with a big chorus and a great crescendo build up to the end of the song. He has one other song released which is called ”Välfärdens färd över världen”, and the accompanying video also includes footage his Grandmother took over 50 years ago. We’ve put that at the bottom of this article.

Anyway have a look at Patriks website, it’s a treasure trove of not only his own material, but contains some little insights into other music that he likes. If we have time, we’ll obviously try and do a review of his album when its released in August – digitally worldwide, and through a limited Vinyl release.

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