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New Band Feature - 'Sakia'

Its actually taken us Nordic Music Review people a few more weeks than we wanted to tell you about Finnish band Sakia, and we’re sorry about that. Holidays, life, and a treble album release by 23:23 have taken up way too much of our time recently. But actually I’m sure Sakia haven’t minded waiting, because they’re a band who have spent almost 10 years playing together and patiently preparing themselves for the moment they can release their material to the world.

Of course, some people in Finland will have come across them already, they formed in Jalasjärvi in 2005, played their 1st gig at a music festival in the summer of 2006 and continued rehearsing and playing gigs after that. But after a 2 year break whilst some of the band worked abroad, they returned to writing songs in 2011, and it was only at the end of 2014 that they found themselves officially recording their 1st single, in conjunction with Swedish born producer Jonas Olsson.

Released in March 2015, ‘God Forsaken Land’ is a glorious, almost epic Indie Rock track, which is just so well written. I love the understated opening, slightly melancholy vocals and then the big ambition as the track grows. With influences as far ranging as Muse, Egotrippi (a great Finnish band we’ve never had chance to feature) and Pink Floyd, Sakia have a diverse musical vision which comes across really well in their music, which should definitely appeal to Nordic and UK audiences alike.

Anyway the good news is that Sakia have just recorded 2 new songs which will be released over the summer, and we have it on good authority that these are pretty big rock songs. That’s a good sign as far as I’m concerned, I think they suit a ‘stadium’ rather than a ‘living room’ sound. We’ll be looking forward to hearing them. You can also see them live at Aukusti festival over the weekend of 14th / 15th August.

Way too often I come across bands who’ve just formed, released a half decent single and then seem to lose their way without a real understanding of what they want to be, and how they want to sound. I love the fact that Sakia are a band with a host of songs they’ve been writing over the years, a clear direction, and with the same 6 friends writing and playing music as first started rehearsing together 10 years ago. We hope you agree that these guys have huge potential, go visit their websites to find out more info, and if you like the song, please download it from Itunes. (not quite fully live yet)

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