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Communions - 'Communions' EP

We haven’t featured Danish band 'Communions' before at Nordic Music Review. They came to peoples attention last year with some pretty impressive debut material, and their 'Communions' EP was released on Monday, and it contains the excellent pre-EP single 'Out of My World'. With some high profile live performances, they now have a fairly big following and the attention of a fair number of music publications and websites too.

For the unitiated, they’re all Danish, but half raised in the US, and there seems to be a real mix of influences in their music - I wont mention names but I hear some sounds from slightly different eras of Indie music, which is good. The vocals are distinctive, but they have a solid traditional if slightly dreamy indie guitar sound. The strongest tracks on the EP are opener 'Forget its a Dream' with a great bass line opening and slightly 'gothic' guitar line whilst 'Out of My World' is worthy to be downloaded on to everyones favourite playlists. But i like 'Summer's Oath' too, and in general this band just make a really good noise.

Anyway they made their debut UK performance at the excellent Sebright Arms back in November, and the good news is that they'll be returning on Wednesday 9th September at London Electrowerkz, so we'll no doubt be hearing more about them soon enough. In the meantime check out their EP and in particular the excellent 'Out of My World'.

Communions EP released on Tough Love Records June 1st (UK) June 2nd (US) and in Japan via Big Love Records.

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