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Reverieme in Sweden...

We dont normally write about UK artists playing in Nordic Countries, but we really like Scottish snger Reverieme (or Louise Connell, as she is also known..), and shes playing 3 gigs in Sweden this weekend, so we thought we'd give it a quick mention. We know we're very fortunate to have a fair few Swedish readers and though it might be of interest.

To keep it short and sweet (we're just back from a vacation and the gigs start tonight), heres a video:

And here are the gigs, let us know if you made it to any of them, we'd love to know what you thought:

Live dates:

Friday 31st July: Music Makes, Gothenburg

Saturday 1st August: Soul Store, Gothenburg

Sunday 2nd August: Henriksberg, Gothenburg

For further music, please check out her Soundcloud page below:

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