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David Myhr - Live in the UK!

We're delighted to be able to write a few words about 2 up and coming UK dates by the brilliant Swedish songwriter David Myhr, formally of the band 'The Merrymakers' and with an extensive catalogue of great power bliss pop style songs both with his band and as a solo artist.

He's teaming up with artist and songwriter colleague Linus of Hollywood for a tour whcih theyre calling the 'Melody and Madness tour 2015'. They're promising an acoustic night of melodic pop, playing songs from their respective solo catalogues and former bands.

Even better theyre playing at my favourite small London venue, the Green Note, and its next Monday 31st August, a great way to spend the Bank Holiday. Here's a link to tickets:

The day after (1st September), theyre playing a Living Room gig in Loscoe, and you can find out how to get tickets for that here:

If you havent come across David Myhr (or have just forgotten him...), his previous material is well worth checking out. Firstly heres a solo video from 2011.

And then heres an equally good video from the days of The Merrymakers':

Anyway these should definitely be great fun, relaxed gigs, in small intimate settings, and we highly recommend them. Further details can be found on the link below, and if you make it to the gigs please let us know how you got on:

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