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New Band - 'Sonic Visions'

We havent featured many new alternative Finnish bands recently at Nordic Music Review, so we're delighted to have stumbled across 'Sonic Visions', a new wave Indie band which have a really promising sound to them.

Their new debut single is called 'Find A Way', it was released at the beginning of the month but we've waited for the video to come out, and its almost 6 minutes in all its glory. Its a big confident debut, a great guitar sound, and theyre clearly influenced by some of the sounds that we've loved listening to over the years.

Here it is anyway:

Anyway Sonic Visions are supporting Big Wave Riders at the SemiFinal in Helsinki tomorrow (29th August), theyre on stage at 9.30, and with 2 really good bands on show that is definitely a gig we'd be going to if we weren't in a different country altogether.

For more information feel free to check out their Facebook page below:

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