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New Band - 'I See Rivers'

We’ve been meaning to point everyone in the direction of Norwegian band ‘I See Rivers’ for a while, for a few reasons. Firstly they write and perform the most beautifully written, hand crafted music, but also they have the added bonus of being UK based, at least for the moment, being part of the Norwegian contingent just up the road from us in Liverpool – although we know that some of those guys have recently headed back to Norway.

Their music is delicate Folk Pop based around clever vocal arrangements, and outstanding vocals. They just look so natural performing together, and have a level of cohesion that is genuine, rare and pretty special too The best thing to do is just let you watch a video and see for yourself. This is them performing ‘DA RAM’ acoustically in a park:

Anyway looks like the future is really positive for ‘I See Rivers’. In May they released a single called , which you can find in various places, and they’ve followed that up by spending the summer touring Norway supporting the very excellent Nora Konstanse (who we’ve also featured before). We’ll definitely be letting you know what theyre up to next, especially if they play any more UK gigs, and in the meantime please feel free to track them down through Social Media and streaming services, listed below.

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