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Major Parkinson - 'Live at Ricks'

To be honest, we don’t need much of an excuse to write about Norwegian band ‘Major Parkinson’, because they remain, without question, Nordic Music Reviews favourite current band. In fact our level of bias is such that we are quite probably incapable of assessing or reviewing any of their outputs independently, because we are so utterly bought into the progressive pop circus theatre rock band, and that continues to entertain, excite and bemuse us in equal quantities.

In case you haven’t come across Major Parkinson before they are responsible for one of the more astonishingly good albums in recent years, ‘Songs from a Solitary Home’, whilst their most recent release ‘Twilight Cinema’ was voted by us as our 2nd ‘Favourite Album of 2014’ – we felt it was way too predictable to list it as our Number 1 album, but it probably was really.

Anyway….. we deem it necessary to pass on the announcement to YOU that Major Parkinson will be releasing a LIVE album for our listening pleasure, and that will be available on October 2nd for pre-order. As a teaser for this, they’ve released a live video of ‘Heart Machine’, the huge industrial scale track from ‘Twilight Cinema’ that was a real centrepiece of the album. It’s a brilliant live track, and the 4 female vocalists brought in at the end makes it sound pretty special.

Links to the pre-order page are included below, and we will of course be first in the queue in October to get hold of this live album when its finally out.

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