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Stereopol - New Single 'The Hitch'

We’ve been going almost one year now at Nordic Music Review, which means that one or 2 bands we came across early last year before the website existed are now getting round to releasing new albums and material. This is great because although we missed them back then, we have a really good excuse to write about them now. Stereopol are one such Norwegian band, they released a stream of singles that received good airplay and recognition at the time, and are now back with a new single called ‘The Hitch’.

Whilst we do like our melancholy alternative folk on this website, its pretty good to be writing about Indie Pop music which will instantly bring a smile to your face. In ‘The Hitch’, Stereopol do just that, its packed full of great melodies, a big chorus and all the instrumentation is layered on to great effect – synths and guitars just have this great sound, and it’s a pretty instant sounding hit.

Heres a link to the new single (unfortunately our website host still doesnt allow us to embed Soundcloud links into blog posts):

Having listened to the earlier material again, I think they’ve raised the bar higher with ‘The Hitch’, and we’ll be looking forward to the album which is entitled ‘Zensanity', and due out on October 9th. We don’t have a video of ‘The Hitch’ yet, but we have one to their single from last year, so take a look at that too:

Photo by Anne Valeur

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