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LIVE - 'Sara Forslund - when venue and vocals meet in perfect harmony

On Thursday 8th October, Liverpool’s haunting Gustav Adolf Church was filled with the equally haunting vocals of Sweden’s Sara Forslund. Accompanied by Cellist Georgina Aasgard, Forslund forewent any sound system for a truly acoustic gig. The high vaulted ceiling of the church and candle-lit altar complemented Forslund’s sound perfectly.

The 40 minute set comprised a mixture of songs from Sara’s debut album Water Became Wild and a number of new songs. Cello and voice combined perfectly from the start on Twisted Wind and it was clear we would experience something special. As often happens in a church the audience was absolutely silent and entranced by Sara’s melancholic set.

A short break saw Sara leave the stage and Georgina Aasgard treat the audience to something a little different, a piece for drums and cello by Swedish composer Svante Henryson but without the drums. It was a step change in tempo from Sara’s set and received strong applause at the end.

Sara re-joined Georgina and after a couple of new songs, the set ended with a run of three songs from Water Became Wild – Singing Me Through, Morning is Leaving and Time to Collect. There was a moment’s pause as the audience appreciated what they just heard and then the applause was long and heartfelt.

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