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Circumnavigate - 'Back in the Day' single

We wrote about Circumnavigate back in May when they released their track ‘Lifelines’, originally a Norwegian trio they are now based in London with a couple of British musicians in their band. The attraction of Circumnavigate are that they blend different musical styles, folk pop with a jazz feel, and with an excellent group of classically trained musicians, the quality of music they produce and record is of an excellent standard.

Anyway they're back, with a new release called ‘Back in the Day’, and its been released in the last few days with a video to a great reception on some other music websites of repute. The song has a slight different feel to it, opening with a lovely acoustic guitar and a strong and slightly quirky vocal and melody, but the delights of the song come in those little Circumnavigate musical touches – the first glimpse of trumpet at the end of first chorus and then that leisurely laid back trumpet solo towards the end. I love the video that goes with it – too often I find myself just listening to the music on a video and heading off and doing something else, but this has a great little narrative that will keep you watching to the end.

Here is the video to ‘Back in the Day’:

So the good news is that Circumnavigate are recording and mixing other tracks, and have their debut album planned for 2016. We will bring you the details of their next single when its ready, and if you missed their excellent 1st release ‘Lifelines’, we’ve included that below in case you want to catch up - listening again now reminds me how much i like this track.

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