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New Artist - 'Guns'

As regular Nordic Music Review readers will know, we like to highlight good new bands and artists we’ve come across which haven’t yet received much coverage from music websites and blogs, as we like to give them some attention and hope others might pick up on them too. In the case of ‘Guns’ (aka Gunhild Jarwson Tekle), I actually feel we’ve already arrived a bit late, as she’s already received wide ranging praise from various publications and websites far more influential and important than little us, including NME.

And that’s hardly surprising. The Copenhagen based Artist has released 2 singles, both of which are mightily impressive. The first was the single ‘Ricochet’, which is a beautiful combination of electro pop, a bit of dreamy shoegazing and yet it retains a lovely Nordic influence too. Heres the video which was released a few weeks back:

Anyway, ‘Guns’ has followed that up with another great single, ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’, and that’s possibly even better too, with a great catchy melody layered on those same dreamy electro pop sounds. To hear it just click on the link below (our website host still doesn’t let us embed Soundcloud onto blog posts….sigh).

We get so much new music passed our way which we listen to on playlists over a period of time, but ‘Guns’ has made a pretty instant impression – I think this is simply due to the strength of the songwriting on both tracks, and the beautiful vocals. So on that basis the future is looking bright for 'Guns', who’s next release is expected to be an EP, as well as some live performances at the end of the year.

'Guns' photo by Theis Alstrup

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