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Kalandra - 'Love You Right' Single

I know we talk about Moddi helping inspire the creation of the Nordic Music Review, but we must not forget the part that Kalandra played too, as they supported Moddi at that gig at the Castle Hotel in Manchester just over a year ago, and they were one of the first acts featured in our ’50 New Bands’ series. At the time they were Liverpool based, but now that they have finished their LIPA studies, they have returned home to Norway, and after a successful Summer recording and playing some gigs, they are now offering their new single, which is released today.

The thing I love about Kalandra is the way they mix together beautiful Nordic sounding influences, and a big alternative rock sound. ‘Love You Right’ fine tunes that sound, with an amazing fusion of ideas and melodies, but this time with an added level of production and slickness that should give the band an even wider ranging appeal. The opening vocal theme from vocalist Katrine Stenbekk is typically gorgeous sounding, if simple enough, before we get a more traditional Kalandra explosion of noise. And the strength of this track is not just Stenbekks’ plaintive and beautiful vocals, but the amazing instrumentation, which has moments of exquisite subtlety, such as the piano theme about 1 minute into the song, and then huge expansive themes with trumpets and a multitude of other instruments thrown into the mix. The climax of the track is completely sensational.

The new video is out too, and i really love it, a simple but touching theme, made as normal in conjunction with the Norwegian Tourist Board:

Anyway, we know our readership is fairly split between Norway and the UK, so you all have a perfect opportunity to see Kalandra for yourself as they play 2 gigs in the next couple of weeks – firstly at the Gamla Konsertsted in Oslo on November 14th, and then even better (for us anyway...) on the 25th November there is a Northern Lights event at the Kazimier in Liverpool, which features Kalandra alongside Loveless, Inge Bremnes and others. I genuinely feel ‘Love you Right’ is a big positive step forward for a talented band who have a wonderful ability to bring together different musical sounds and inspirations, and this outstanding song is completely addictive listening.

Buy the new single from Itunes here:

Find out more about Kalandra here:

A special mention to the excellent cover art on the single too, which is entirely self produced. For more details on how they did it have a look at their Facebook page.

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