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We did consider doing something special to mark our 1st birthday, perhaps feature some of our favourite 'discoveries' from our 1st year, and we immediately thought that would be a great excuse to write again about Valsaland and some of their amazing, and critically acclaimed, videos.

But there was no need, because we have even better news....

We are delighted to announce that the debut album from Valsaland entitled 'Fängelset' will be released next week on Monday 30th November, which is just 9 sleeps away.

For those of you who don't remember Valsaland they are a Swedish project that use a huge number of musicians (29 to be precise, aged between 8 and 70 years old) and combine every musical genre you can possibly think of - including post rock, dream pop, electronica and modern minimalist to produce something utterly unique and very special.

There are 5 music videos to accompany the album and to Valsaland the videos are as critical to the project as the music itself, each one so powerful and cleverly put together. They have already won 6 prestigious Awards for their videos in 2015 alone, most recently the 'UK WebFest' best music video award for 'Faan'.

Valsaland's Fängelset album will be released on the internet by their own label Esojoule Arts. You will be able to download and stream it through Bandcamp and other streaming services.

We're really looking forward to hearing the complete album, their music and videos have made such a striking impression on us, and we love the way they bring their unique and experimental music to life visually. We will of course be reviewing the album and telling you what we think.

If you like Valsaland please have a read of our Bror Forsgren review, we think you might like it. And dont forget our Nana Jacobi world exclusive premiere too...

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