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Introducing..... 'Whale and the Village'

Another band we meant to introduce to you a while back was ‘Whale and the Village’, a folk pop band from Turku, a city home to a few bands we’ve featured including the brilliant ‘Stillwalkers’. We like featuring a wide range of styles of music, and this is very much on the ‘folk’ side of things, and what I like about their music is that it’s so straightforward, easy to like and completely lacking in pretensions – its well written, melodic folk (pop) music with guitars, banjo, mandolins and melodica.

Anyway they released an Album earlier this year called ‘Between the Tracks’ that we’ve mentioned on Twitter a couple of times, and it’s a good album packed full of tunes, its upbeat too and there are some obvious highlights such as ‘Wind In My Heart’ and ‘Whisper’ – which we’ve included below for you to have a quick listen.

But actually my favourite track on the album is the piano based and slightly more melancholy ‘Tomorrow’ – regular readers will suggest that’s me being a touch predictable, and I realise that’s the least ‘Folk Pop’ song on the album, but hey it’s a really beautiful song and its worth everyone keeping listening right to the end of the album.

Whale and the Village seem to be fairly popular from a live perspective back in Finland, and that’s understandable because they’d be the perfect band I’d like to see at an open air acoustic folk pop type festival over the summer. Anyway in the meantime they have lots of forthcoming plans to tell you about, they’re already in the process of recording a 2nd album, there will be music videos released in the run up to the full album release and a whole series of live gigs planned too - including plans to travel abroad. Please take a listen to ‘Between the Tracks’ and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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