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Anette Askvik - new video 'Supernova'

We haven’t mentioned Norwegian singer songwriter Anette Askvik at all since we started, although if we are to make excuses, she released her full length album ‘Liberty’ back in 2011, and we weren’t around then. If you haven’t come across her though, the album is well worth checking out, and it’s available on streaming services and Itunes.

Anyway Anette has also toured fairly extensively, and shes played the UK, including one of our favourite London venues, the Bedford in Balham, which is also where Sara Forslund played recently.

The good news is that she is back, and currently recording a new album which we hope we’ll get to hear in the new year. In the meantime we have a single listen to, and a new video (well its about a month old, so typically we’re a tiny bit behind). Its called Supernova, and it’s a really intense, powerful song, that I like in particular because of its big instrumentation, and the video that goes with it is good too.

She also has a new website where you can read more about her, check it out below, and we’ll let you know when the new albums out.

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