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New Band - 'As he said' with new single 'Parasite'

Often through covering an artist or band from a particular country or genre, we stumble upon someone else (or they stumble upon us...) from a similar area, and that’s the case with our next new band ‘As he said’ who are now based in Trondheim, Norway, and have some similarities with fellow Norwegian band ‘Antler’ whom we featured a couple of weeks back.

They don’t have too much material to check out, but their new single ‘Parasite’ is a really good place to start, as the bands wide influences (they come from a vast array of musical backgrounds) combine to produce a dreamy alternative track which utilizes synths, guitars and unleashes a killer chorus - its well worth checking out and you can click on the link below to hear it. It has this really big sound that i like, and the combination of different instruments works really well. The band have been telling Nordic Music Review about their musical backgrounds, and they’ve come from an array of different projects, from punk to indie, but they have a common love of improvisation and jazz, and quote excellent influences from bands such as Jaga Jazzist and Tame Impala. This all bodes well, as such diversity within the band and musical experimentation should allow them to develop a sound which retains its individualism and originality.

Anyway ‘As he said’ have recently returned from a tour of the northern parts of Norway, an area which is a real influence on the band, particularly lyrically, and they’ve returned now and are working on new material. In the meantime check out their single ‘Parasite’ and their other track on Soundcloud which is called ‘Breathe it all in’, follow them on Facebook, and we’ll try and keep you updated on progress in 2016.

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