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Circumnavigate - 'Breathe Slow' new single and video

Here is a 2nd quick single for you this Friday night, this time from a band who’s progress we’ve been following for a while, Circumnavigate, the Norwegian / British band who are based in London and have released 2 interesting singles in the last few months, ‘Lifelines’ and ‘Back in the Day’.

Anyway they’re back with a final installment for 2015, and its called ‘Breathe Slow’, and this is hot off the press as it was only released yesterday. Again its slightly different from their previous singles in that it feels more laid back, slightly dreamy, but the instrumentation in the latter part of the track shows their normal wide ranging musical influences, particularly the jazz trumpet, and again I like it.

So that’s all 3 singles we’ve featured from Circumnavigate this year, so we look forward to 2016 and an album, and we hear that’s well on its way, so in the meantime check out their Facebook page if you haven't come across them before, and we'll let everyone know when the album is out.

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