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Albums We Missed (3) - Dråpe: 'Relax/Relapse'

We probably hung back from reviewing Norwegian band Dråpe and their album ‘Relax / Relapse’ when it was released in October, because it was covered by so many different websites / blogs and we thought most people would have come across it anyway. But I’ve been listening to it so much on the last 2 months, that I still wanted to get it on record just how good this album is.

It’s the 2nd album from the Norwegian band, who released ‘Canicular Days’ a couple of years back, and the new album is another step forward with a dream pop release packed full of addictive melodies and carefully crafted tracks. Highlights include the brilliant ‘?’ with a clever time signature and a hypnotic tune, and my favourite track ‘My Friend the Scientist’ which you can listen to and watch here.

This is how albums should be made, with 10 good tracks and few weaknesses, and the carefully blended synths, guitars and silky vocals keep moving at a decent pace too. ‘Relax / Relapse’ comes high up on our list of recommended albums for the year, and we’re more than happy to add our praise to the ever growing list of ‘Dråpe’ admirers.

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