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Albums We Missed (7) - Puunhalaaja: Puunhalaaja

Sometimes it does take a while for music to hit home, and when I first listened to Finnish artist ‘Puunhalaaja’ (and the album ‘Puunhalaaja’) a few weeks back I liked what I heard, however I didn’t fully engage with it. But after a couple of weeks without hearing it, I put it on again this week, and suddenly felt an overwhelming reassuring connection, as if I was dusting off an old vinyl favourite - subconsciously this had been growing on me all along.

From the jaunty opening to ‘Post-It-Lappuja’ this is an album packed full of gentle tunes, carefully crafted guitars and calming vocals. If this album was human, I don’t think it would have a bad bone in its body. There is an almost deliberate ramshackle edge to tracks such as ‘Härkä ja paimen’, and ‘Päivänkakkaroita’, and to me that just adds to the appeal. The music was written through hours of jamming and music experimentation, and it times it veers in unexpected directions, but it always still feels in control.

This is probably an album for those that like quirky offbeat musical offerings, and those with an appreciation of musicians with a genuine passion for what they do. ‘Puunhalaaja’ is a fascinating and clever album, and a real hidden gem too. Track it down and take a listen for yourself.

Nordic Music Review 7.5 / 10

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