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Favourite EPs of 2015!

We’re not going to make a big thing about our favourite ‘EP of the Year’, we’ve probably missed so many, but there are a few that i think are particularly special. Here’s my favourite 5 - as always other opinions are available…

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Siv Jakobsen – ‘The Lingering’

At 7 tracks, 'The Lingering' was almost an album full of material from Siv Jakobsen, and there are some beautiful songs amongst them. As always her songs are intimate, personal and captivating, and in many ways she reminds me of the music of Sara Forslund, when i listen to her music i feel she's in the same room as me. I particularly love the piano theme in ‘How We Used To Love’, the string arrangements add a real depth of quality and with tracks such as ‘Dark’ and Caroline’, this is highly recommended.

Communions – ‘Communions EP’

Danish band Communions have captured a fair amount of attention over the last 2 years, and there success has been backed up with some UK shows already. Their EP released in June contained the brilliant single ‘Out of My World’, as well as good tracks such as ‘Forget It’s a Dream’, and with distinctive vocals and a sound which positively reminds me of Indie bands from across the last 20 years, I would expect some big things from these guys over the next 12 months.

Frokedal – ‘I See You’

Norwegian singer Frokedal is making a real impression as a solo artist, and her EP ‘I See You’ is a really great example of Norwegian folk storytelling, which we highly recommend. She sings simple enough folk pop songs, but there is a real delicate quality to them, with catchy melodies and lovely instrumentation. Even better shes coming to the UK in February, check out our ‘GIGS!’ page for more info! Her album is scheduled for release in 2016 too.

Axel Flóvent – Forest Fires EP

This is the most delicate and intricate release we’ve probably listened to all year, and Axel Flóvent received a huge amount of positivity for his 'Forest Fires' release, and its easy to understand why. The musician from the north of Iceland has this ability to write music which is completely captivating, and we like tracks such as ‘Dancers’ as well as the title track ‘Forest Fires’.

23:23 – ‘To Die on a Faraway Island with You’

After the release of a triple album in May, I wasn’t expecting any more releases from Rami Vierula, otherwise known as 23:23, but he is almost as prolific as Mozart or even David Graham in his prime, and his EP ‘To Die on a Faraway Island with You’ has 4 outstanding tracks on it. ‘Oceaniafuzz’ and ‘Letters’ are closer to the low fi fuzzy guitar based releases we heard on his recent trio of albums before we’re treated to 2 of my favourite tracks of the year. Firstly the understated and catchy ‘Delicate Flower’, and then the most outstanding song ‘Faraway Island’, which has the most gorgeous tune and lyrics I could ever possibly want to hear. Maybe this is a really personal choice, but music which can touch a nerve so personally should be cherished, and ‘To Die on a Faraway Island with You’ is my EP of the year.

Theres no videos available, so the best way to check out the EP is to visit the following places:

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