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New Artist - 'Herman Wildhagen'

After featuring Ingrid Frosland earlier, we’re delighted to add another new Norwegian singer songwriter to our website, and for your listening attention. Herman Wildhagen lives in Trondheim, and if you’re really switched on to your new Norwegian music, you may be aware of him already as the guitarist in dream pop band 'Panda Panda' - and we’ll definitely write about them one day.

Anyway his solo debut is a really well written track called ‘Miles’, with simple instrumentation based almost entirely around acoustic guitar. Impressively it was written and recorded in one day, and I think it works really well. Hermans vocals are dreamy and effective (with slight similarities to Joel Pott from Athlete in their softer moments), the lyrics are well constructed and it has a lovely tune.

With interesting influences from artists such as Thomas Dybdahl and Feist, his first release shows great promise, and as you probably know by now, we do love artists who are able to construct beautiful songs with a simple acoustic guitar to accompany them. He has 2 more tracks which are due to be released in the next month and an EP will follow sometime this year too.

Here’s the track here (we’re very excited that our website finally allows us to embed Soundcloud links), and for more information feel free to track down Herman on Facebook.

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