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Mats Wawa - 'Classics' EP

It’s really good to be able to feature an EP on its day of release (for once…), and it’s a really exiting debut EP from psychedelic pop Norwegian band ‘Mats Wawa’. The five piece band have caused a stir with some impressive live performances, and with an appearance beckoning at By:Larm too, the future looks really bright.

Their debut EP ‘Classics’ which is released on 'Ville Vesten Platforening' is an interesting mix of quirky tunes and clever instrumentation. And with an ear for the unpredictable, Mats Wawa have a striking originality too which makes their music fresh sounding, and simply great fun to listen to.

Classics opens with ‘Lord Bisnis’, a brilliantly conceived track, with a psychedelic rhythmic and offbeat tune, that will both energise you and throw you off balance - as if you’re trying to dance on a trampoline. ‘Worries’ is a cavalcade of intricate melodies, with an outrageous change in direction between chorus and verse, and a melody that will stick in your mind all weekend. But my favourite track is ‘Planet of the Grapes’, with a slightly surreal and warped mix of tunes and instruments, that will leave you utterly intoxicated.

With 4 original tracks, each with a character of their own, ‘Mats Wawa’ have simply bounded on to the music scene with their ‘Classics’ EP. I have no doubt this will sound amazing live, so hopefully they will find themselves over here in the UK soon, and for those of you back in Norway, try and catch them at By:Larm or their show in Bergen in April – check out their Facebook page for more details.

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