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Brooklyn Sound Tour - calling Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen...

We don’t normally feature tours which take place in Nordic countries – we try and stick to the script and cover UK gigs by Nordic artists. However the up and coming Brooklyn Sound Tour looks so good, and includes a number of bands we really like, that we thought we would give it a mention and then sit back jealously over the fact we can’t come too.

And unless our eyes are decieving us, its free entry at all the gigs too....

It starts off in Helsinki at Bar Loose on Tuesday (23rd) with a line-up which includes the excellent Cats of Transnistria, and that’s ahead of their forthcoming release album on Soliti. The common theme throughout the tour is the inclusion of a really good American band Syvia, who we’ve loved having on our playlist all week, and we’ve included links to them on here too. The band will be releasing their new EP Silent Violence very shortly, and we recommend you track it down.

Other highlights of the tour include the brilliant Pale Honey, we loved their album last year, and then when the tour hits Norway there’s the addition of the magnificent Dråpe at 2 gigs, as well as Stereopol in Oslo.

Here's the full list:

Tuesday, February 23 at 7 PM: Bar Loose, Helsinki

Cats of Transnistria, Iisa Duo, Kaleidobolt, Syvia, Teksti-TV 666

Wednesday, February 24 at 6 PM: Debaser Strand, Stockholm

Syvia, Sevdaliza

Thursday, February 25 at 8 PM: Pustervik, Gothenburg

Pale Honey, Syvia, Niki & The Dove

Friday, February 26 at 8:00 PM: Uhørt, Oslo

Syvia, Stereopol, Dråpe

Saturday, February 27 at 7 PM: Vaskeriet, Bergen

Syvia, Divisjonen, Dråpe

It’s a mighty fine tour, and you can read more about it here:

And find out more about Syvia here:

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