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Sara Forslund Video - 'Did You Ever'

As most of you will know by now, one of our favourite albums in 2015 last year remains ‘Water Became Wild’ by Swedish songwriter Sara Forslund, which we also had the privilege of seeing live in Liverpool at our Nordic Showcase gig (hopefully we’ll have exciting news soon about a sequel to this…). The album is intimate, deeply personal and utterly captivating, and if you haven’t come across it we recommend you go find a copy.

Anyway the great news is that there now a video to accompany one of the tracks, ‘Did You Ever’, and we’re delighted to show it to you here. Just watch for yourself:

It is also great to see continued excellent reviews for the album, which is slowly working its way across Europe, enchanting everyone who comes across it. For more details you can find Sara Forslund in the following places:

Photo by Lisa Ljunggren

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