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Another Juggle - 'Dance Sunshine, Dance’

So we’ll bring you two shortish reviews for you next, featuring bands from different musical genres and different countries too. Firstly we head back to Denmark and an album from ‘Another Juggle’, a 4 piece Dream Pop band from Copenhagen with some fairly sizable 80s influences. Their album entitled ‘Dance Sunshine, Dance’ is packed full of big tunes, Nordic melancholy and its very easy to listen to.

Immediate impressions on opening track ‘Not Now’ are positive, with a slick sound utilizing synths, guitars and a dreamy vocal to accompany it – and with all 4 of ‘Another Juggle’ having played in a band together previously, it does feel polished and natural, as if this is a band comfortable with the style of music they’re writing. Pre-release single ‘Dance Sunshine, Dance’ raises the stakes so much higher, it is a sensationally good track, with an catchy and almost anthemic chorus, it is an obvious highlight. But it’s the next track ‘Dear Laika’ that really appeals to me, with sentimental synths, a beautiful slightly sad tune and lyrics, it sounds really effortless.

‘Another Juggle’ manage to maintain a consistency in their dance dream pop songwriting as the album progresses, with ‘Faceless/Demon’ and the synth laden ‘Cities Crash’ being stand out tracks that almost reach the standards set early in the album. But maybe ‘Everything’ and ‘Climb’ offer less, and for a while I long for some more guitar to add some variety to the mix.

This is low key and clever dream pop songwriting, that manages to combine intricate guitars, synths, drum beats and soft vocals in a fairly minimalist style – and it’s this understated mix that gives the music this lovely Nordic melancholy feel. Ok so the obviously 80s influenced synths and sounds may not be to everyone’s taste, but I’ve loved getting to know this album, and we’re delighted to add ‘Another Juggle’ to the ever growing list of classy Nordic dream pop bands out there right now.

Nordic Music Review 7.5 /10

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