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Panda Panda - debut singles 'New Friends' and 'Halcyon Years'!

There are lots of good reasons to write about new Norwegian band Panda Panda. Firstly we received great reports on just how good they were at the Trondheim Calling festival a while back, we also coincidentally featured their guitarist Herman Wildhagen as a solo singer songwriter, and then their debut singles ‘New Friends’ and 'Halcyon Years' are just so good that we feel you should all get a chance to listen for yourselves – oh and they have a great name too…

The Trondheim based indie outfit have already made quite a name for themselves even before their debut release, with a stream of festival appearances that have caught peoples attention. They have a hazy guitar and synths led dream pop indie sound which fits really well with some of the other Norwegian bands that we’ve written about in the last year, but their music has an edge to it too, it has a real intensity that makes it interesting, and they simply write good tunes.

The debut single ‘New Friends’ is a great example of this and its well worth listening to, as well as watching as they have a self produced DIY video that involves them ‘messing around with style’ in a gymnasium. Take a look for yourself:

And then on 1st April they've followed up by releasing the equally impressive 'Halcyon Years' and you can listen to that track here, as it doesn't appear to be on Soundcloud yet:

An EP containing the ‘New Friends’ and 'Halcyon Years' singles are expected sometime soon, but in the meantime readers in Norway have a chance to see Panda Panda for themselves, as they’re supporting the excellent ‘Drape’ at Hulen, Bergen on the 22nd April (more details:

Check out more on Panda Panda here:

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